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Our Mission:

We are a small, but passionate team of developers and entrepreneurs who came together to build a better proxy service. We believe in making quality proxies affordable and easy to use for everyone. Not only that, but we are constantly working to make our service faster, more reliable, and easier to use.

We started out as a small team of developers who were passionate about building quality software. We wanted to create a proxy service that was both fast and reliable, while also being easy to use. That’s why we are here with Afopia. The best mobile 4G Proxies for a fraction of the price


Why We Created Afopia.com?
Our Story:

After searching and digging deep on the internet to find the best 4G mobile proxies, somehow we failed to do it. Because all the proxies suppliers have some downsides like they are way too expensive, or in case, if their services are affordable, their bandwidth has a limit.

To cope with this problem, the founders of Afopia.com thought why not we create something that’s reliable, affordable, and unlimited as well? After this, we developed one of the best and most affordable 4G mobile proxies on the internet today. 

We are a small, independent company that provides affordable 4G proxies to people all over the world. We were founded in {year} with the goal of making premium quality proxies available to as many people as possible in an affordable price.

Our proxies are perfect for online privacy, security, and unblocking websites. We are always working to improve our service and provide the best possible experience to our customers.

How To Avail Afopia Affordable
Proxy Services?

We at Afopia offer some of the best digital solutions to help your business and you as an individual grow. Our 4g mobile proxies include;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Real Dedicated Mobile Proxy
  • 100% Anonymity
  • Full IP’s Rotation
  • High Speed up to 100Mpbs
  • Online 24/7 Support

So, if you have decided to get in the atmosphere of unlimited bandwidth, it’s easy to subscribe to any plan. 

We offer three plans starting at;
$4.99 for 24 hours,
$19.99 for a week,
$49.99 for a full month. 

You can check out the full benefits of each package and just hit get started to avail our services. It’s simple as peeling a banana!


How To Set Up
4G Mobile Proxies?

Here are some tips on how to set up a 4G proxy: 

To begin, you’ll need to determine which type of 4G network you’re using. 

Choose either HTTP, SOCKS5, or HTTPS for your 4G proxy. AND what you want to do with the proxy. You can, for instance, bypass social media websites that are locked with some of our Cheapest Proxies For Social Media. At the same time, others are Low-Cost Proxies For Automation that you can use to unblock all the content.

Choose an appropriate server location. It is important to select an appropriate server location if you want your 4G proxy to work well.

Make sure that you buy 4G proxies for your desired time. There are many packages of 4G proxies available, so it is important to find the right one for your needs. Some popular options include 1-week plan. Or other includes Instagram proxy to unlock insta content only.

Also, you can use a free public proxy server. It depends on where you live, there may also be private proxies available.

Next, set up your proxy settings. By default, when you buy a 4G proxy, it will open all of your web traffic through their server, which can increase your security risks. 

To change this setting, find the “Proxy” option in your browser’s settings menu and select “Custom.” From here, you’ll be able to specify which sites should use the proxy and which should bypass it completely. 

Afopia 4G Proxy
Afopia 4G Proxies

Client’s say: About Afopia

Patrick says that “I’ve been using Afopia Affordable 4G Proxies for a while now, and I have to say, they’re the best 4G proxies I’ve ever used. They’re secure, private, and provide the best internet surfing experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great proxy service.”

One of the other client mentions; “I’m so happy I found Afopia Affordable 4G Proxies! They offer the best 4G proxies, and the security and privacy of their service is top notch. I can surf the internet securely and without worry of my data being compromised. The price is also very affordable, making it a great value for the quality of service offered. I highly recommend Afopia Affordable 4G Proxies to anyone looking for a reliable and secure proxy service.” says Oliver who’s working with us since the last 2 years.

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